Saas and their importance in building an Online Business

Saas and their importance in building an Online Business

E-commerce businesses have their work and the data involved for that to be on the internet, and unlike a physical store, all of the information gathered and accumulated as well as interactions with both buyer and seller at any given moment can be accessed within a few seconds. However all this information and interactions can be too much for one person to handle and for the most part they might even need to compiled and gathered to make sure that data is encoded and read properly. The easiest option for someone who would not be able to do so can use softwares that can be bought that will help with data management, customer resource and human resources among other things but they must be purchased before being usable and sometime at a high prices, an option that smaller businesses might not have the funds for. This brings up the work of Saas companies.

The companies sell ‘Software as a service’ in which the software that they own can be used by anyone with the idea that the user will be paying a much lower monthly fee rather than a lump sum which aids businesses that are run by an individual or for small and fledgling business companies. Ecommerce Malaysia environment applies this service well as it gives a cheaper alternative that is aso a premium product with the monthly fee being easily manageable.

The most popular of these Saas is the locally made and incredibly versatile Piktochart and Niagawan. Piktochart is an app that not only makes infographics but is now also used for reports, flyers and presentations. Niagawan is service that allows small companies to easily generate invoices and efficiently managing accounts.

To conclude, the importance of Saas to Malaysian E-commerce environment can not be attested due to its countless strides in aiding the smaller local online businesses to thrive.

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