The JET 708475 Jointer Planer Combo Table

I’ve as of late found an advantageous, multi-use machine, The JET 708475 jointer planer Combo table. For what reason would you need one? All things considered, for example, on the off chance that you have an extremely little shop, that is 5 foot long piece of room to take up in your shop (which additionally may serve as your carport).

Obviously, five feet makes for an extremely short bed, which is one of the Jet 708475 Jointer/Planer’s drawbacks. Another drawback is that as a jointer/planer combo machine, the JET 708475 expects you to change to either machine contingent on which you are going to utilize. Changing from the jointer to planer takes additional time then simply strolling over to your other machine. In view of this important change, the fence supports aren’t as tough as they are on a normal Jointer, for example, the Powermatic 1285.


There are some quite uncommon highlights of the Jet 708475 12 inch Planer/Jointer Combo Kit. The planer offers three standard, rapid steel shaper blades with the jointer that keep running at 5500 RPM and make 16500 cuts for every moment. The JET 708475 planes harsh stock, for all intents and purposes kill free, up to 12 inch wide at a rate of 5/32 inch for each pass. The JET 708475 likewise includes a tough, half-shut, chip-safe, powder-covered stand. The cast-iron bed is accuracy ground and cleaned for reliably smooth task. The coordinated 4 inch residue accumulation port gives effective expulsion of residue, chips and different garbage when in either jointer or planer mode.

The JET 708475 Jointer/Planer accompanies two flexible 27 inch outfeed and infeed tables and has a rabbeting edge to accommodate exact rabbets. With huge handles and larger than usual springs, this 500 pound infant is a breeze to lift (well, nearly). Essentially, in the event that you have a little shop or you need a modest 12 inch Jointer, the JET 708475 Jointer/Planer Combo table for $1700 is fabulous choice.